Episode 2: The Tell-Tale Heart

Tonight’s tale of madness and obsession, the Tell-Tale Heart.  Next week, we’ll be discussing the story – please send your thoughts to lit.darkly@yahoo.com, or include them in a comment here.

The episode can be found, as always, through iTunes or the following link.


Music tonight is “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Nox Arcana, from their album Shadow of the Raven.


3 thoughts on “Episode 2: The Tell-Tale Heart

  1. Mike says:

    Nice podcast, good reading, and keep up the good work 🙂

    One comment though. During the reading, when your voice got louder, sounded like there was some distortion. Not sure if my speakers are acting up, or if you’re shouting in to your microphone…

    • wolfemann says:

      Probably the shouting – I’ll take a look at it during the next recording session. Pretty new at this, trying to find ways around those sort of things.

      Any suggestions from other podcasters/recorders?

      • Mike says:

        Two comments; that makes me your biggest fan 😛

        Are you planning on reading The Cats of Ulthar or The Outsider at any point? They’re my two favourite Lovecraftian short stories.

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