Episode 5 – Oblongate

Well, it turns out that I was thinking of an adaptation of the story, not the story itself, when I picked this one… but I do my best in the discussion all the same. Just getting over a case of pneumonia, I’m afraid, so it’s fairly short, and my voice is a bit off. Don’t leave just yet though – next show (December 11), we’ve got Christmas readings and songs and generally enjoyable things… all with a Darkly Lit twist.

The episode can be found, as always, here:


As promised, the link to the version I *was* thinking about:


And, as always, music provided by Nox Arcana – and this time, by special guests the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society!

The HPLHS, who produced A Very Scary Solstice.


Episode 4 – The Oblong Box

As (belatedly) promised, this week we have The Oblong Box, by Edgar Allan Poe. Music is by Nox Arcana, and includes Melancholia, from “Shadows of the Raven,” and The Fate of the Tempest, from “Phantoms of the High Seas.”

Having done this for about month, I’m finding that it’s quite a chore to put out an episode every single week, especially doing this on my own. It’s also very, very inconvenient for my family, since my ‘studio’ is almost my living room.

For a while, I will probably be shifting to bi-weekly podcasts – but they’ll probably be longer, and certainly more relaxed. If real-life lightens up (or popular demand really happens), maybe I’ll go back to weekly, but for now, you can expect a discussion of The Oblong Box in two weeks. As always, please feel free to comment, and to give me any questions you’d like discussed next episode, which should come out just in time for Thanksgiving here in the US.

This week’s episode can be found at:



Just so folks know – I’m going to have pity on all of you.  Last week, I announced that I would be reading The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist this Friday.

Instead, I’ll be reading the Oblong Box.

The reason for this is because my accent was horrible and, worst of all, you couldn’t tell Watson from Holmes.

Or from Miss Violet Smith.

When that happens, it’s time to hang it up and find something you can read decently for the next podcast.

Episode 3 – Telling the Tale

This week, we discuss the Tell Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe.  Subjects include when the progtagonist went mad, and whether or not he’d have been a candidate for the madhouse today, instead of death row.  Next week’s episode will be The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist – and to set the mood, we conclude with a reading of Thomas Lovell Beddoes “The Phantom Woo-er.”

The episode is available at the following link:


This week’s musical choices were Nox Arcana’s “The Legacy of Darkness,” from Blackthorn Asylum, and “Veil of Darkness,” from Darklore Manor.  Drop them a line below.