Episode 7 – Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everybody! Solstice has passed, and it’s the holiday time of year. Thanks for taking a little time out of your chaotic lives to listen – hope you enjoy.

Readings tonight are A School Story and The Mezzotint by MR James, and music is provided by the HPLHS Historical Society, and Nox Arcana – two songs from each. Check them both out, and consider sending some of the cash from your Christmas returns their way, hmm?

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Episode 6 – Season’s Greetings

After a couple weeks, we have the first of our December shows – this week, we have The Diary of Mr. Poynter, by M.R. James. Ladies? This is what happens when your husband is forced to help with the interior decorating.

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Music is provided by the inimitable HPLHS, at www.cthulhu-lives.org, and as always, Nox Arcana, including a selection from their newest album, Winter’s Eve. Give them a look at www.noxarcana.com, or through the link below.