Episode 11 – A Little Too Close

Here we are, back again with Carmilla – three chapters this time, makes for a somewhat longer show. Carmilla arrives at the schloss… and quickly begins to make one wonder if she might not be a little too affectionate towards our narrator….

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Music for this episode provided by Nox Arcana, with special guest composer Michelle Belanger!


Episode 10 – Before they Sparkled

I was feeling a little punchy tonight, so your intro isn’t the usual dulcet tones of Nox Arcana… or, more accurately, they come accompanied by a silly little Mako impersonation. But I had some fun with it, and I hope you guys can too – after the last week, I think we all need a little fun (I don’t know about you, but last week featured computer crashes for me!)

So enjoy Carmilla, the Prologue and first Chapter. I know it’s a short show, but I’ll shoot for a bit longer next time.



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