Episode 30 – Darkly Lit, Raw and Uncut!

This is it folks – live, at Teslacon, Darkly Lit!

No, really, I did a live show, as advertised. I didn’t broadcast it live, but that’s got more to do with a lack of tech than anything else. Not that a lack of tech was a problem here – I had a full-on mixer and everything this time around!

Don’t get used to it, they were all borrowed.

Now, this is going to be a little raw, because I really don’t have any idea how I should edit something like this. I would like to thank the folks who showed up for the show, and I hope everybody enjoyed themselves – especially the people who left with our giveaway prizes! I’m definitely interested in doing another live show at Teslacon 2 – maybe, in honor of the show’s theme, I should try doing a selection from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Not the whole thing, of course, that would be sheer madness. Ah, well, something to think about!

I forgot to drop the usual references at the end here, so I’ll let the links do my talking. Please send and email to lit.darkly@yahoo.com, or a comment through here. And definitely visit our sponsors, linked below!

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One thought on “Episode 30 – Darkly Lit, Raw and Uncut!

  1. Josha says:

    This is my favorite episode foe far. The whole time I was totally enthralled by the stories and they were read so well. I also quite enjoyed the discussion on the separate views on science on Lovecraft and Wells.

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