Episode 31 – Darkly Lit Goes to the Movies!

Welcome to this very special episode of Darkly Lit. This time, I’m not going to read a story, I’m not going to read a poem – I’m going to discuss a pair of films – dueling franchises Paranormal Activity and Saw. What spurred this conversation on? Mostly the fact that I love one, and don’t particularly love the other, and would like to take a little time out to discuss why, along with what I think should happen as far as the direction of each franchise….

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2 thoughts on “Episode 31 – Darkly Lit Goes to the Movies!

  1. Josha says:

    As always, your show is brilliant; but this episode was below average.
    I don’t have a problem with switching from literature to movies per in general, but your summery of the plot for Saw was long and tedious and most of the podcast just seemed like filler.

    Anyway, better luck next time.

    • wolfemann says:

      Well, I would pose that there’s a reason the summary of Saw’s plot was long and tedious – largely because the series itself, without the visceral presentation of gore and non-linear presentation of said plot is somewhat long and tedious. Even most fans of the series I’ve heard have admitted that, if it wasn’t presented in the constant twists and flashback format, but instead pretty straight-forward, it would make more sense, but be pretty boring.

      Though this does rather put the kibosh on my idea for a retrospective of the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween series, all in one show… kidding, kidding! I’ll steer clear of 7-film franchises if I ever come back to films again, though that’s not overly likely unless I see something that I either really like, or really loathe, in the future.

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