Episode 48 – Obsession!

Good evening, and welcome to the Darkly Lit Podcast, September edition. I’m sorry we’re a little late, but to be honest I just couldn’t think of a good theme until the last minute, and by then it was a little too late to record the show. Tonight, we tell a tale of loss, love – and obsession. Three of them, actually. First, I’ll read Edgar Allan Poe’s Berenice, where a lady’s smile is perhaps the most delightful thing a man can imagine. Then, we’ll be speaking briefly about another tale of unhealthy obsession and romantic dread – Twilight. I’ve heard some people complain about the knee-jerk reaction to hating on the series, and I’ll admit that I’ve done it myself in the past. But tonight, I’d like to explain my real concerns with the series – and, in the process, maybe cast a little light on the mythology of vampires, and the increasingly creepy way that love and romance is viewed these days.

We also have musical offerings from both Nox Arcana and a new artist, Tarby! Tarby’s works can be found on SoundCloud, through the following links.

His Primary Link
Tonight’s musical offering
The full Something Broke, all 21 minutes of it (still worth listening to)

Listen to this episode
Download this episode (right click and save)


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