Episode 51 – Darkly Lit Lives Again!

Hi there everybody! Back from Teslacon, and I enjoyed myself greatly. I held two panels this year, rather than just one! First, I recorded today’s show, reading Casonetto’s Last Song and The Thing Invisible. Then, the next day, I held Ripperology 101, and had myself a full house for the discussion!

Sadly, we didn’t have time to get into discussing Carnacki the Ghost Finder very much; the next panel needed to get going, so I had to be almost as abrupt as the good paranormal investigator himself at getting the house cleared out! But there is some interesting discussion of Robert E. Howard and Casonetto’s Last Song in there, as well as the stories themselves. And, as always when I do a live show, I give you the full experience by not editing a danged thing. And I was using a brand new recorder too. May the Lord God have mercy on your souls.

As always, please give us a call at the new voicemail line, at 920-341-3065. Also, please check out the voting at darklylit.wordpress.com to choose your favorite story from last time to win our fabulous prize package! There’s only one more week to vote, folks, and things are LITERALLY neck and neck between Alone and Stay in the Basement at the time of this broadcast! A 50/50 split! So if you want to be sure your favorite wins, get in there and vote! Because as always, if you don’t, you don’t have the right to complain about the results.

So, enjoy the show, and keep an eye out for a bonus Ripperology episode coming up soon!

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