Episode 53 – The Gift of Closure

Good evening everybody, and welcome to the Darkly Lit Podcast. This evening, we’ll be reading Joseph: A Story, by Katherine Rickford. Rickford appears to be a fairly obscure author, to the point where I can’t find any biographical information about her, but Joseph was first published back in 1920. I picked this story for tonight not only because of its obvious ties to the Christmas ghost story tradition, but also in honor of the Walsh family, who have finally found out for certain that Otis Toole, who had previously recanted his confession to Adam Walsh’s murder, was indeed the man responsible, a fact supported by physical evidence as well as Toole’s confession.

I don’t have too much else to say tonight, except happy holidays, and keep your loved ones close to your heart in this season, whoever they may be. Our music tonight is provided by Nox Arcana, at http://www.noxarcana.com, and the HPLHS, at http://www.cthulhu-lives.org. Please visit the website at darklylit.wordpress.com, or send comments on the show to lit.darkly@yahoo.com, or our voicemail at 920-341-3065. Until next time, when we celebrate the birthdays of both Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price, I wish you pleasant dreams.

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