Episode 50 – Three Twisted Tales

Tonight, submitted for your approval, we have three tales of the macabre.

First, we have “Stay in the Basement,” by Brenda.

Then, we have a true tale of terror as Jacob brings us his personal encounter with… The Beast of Bray Road.

Finally, we close out with Joseph Hallett’s debut horror story… “Alone.”

What more could you ask for? How about a chance to vote for the best one?

Just vote in the poll up there, and decide who wins our fabulous prize package! I absolutely guarantee it’s more than a ball of lint and a visit from Ygor!

In the meantime, maybe you want to call our voicemail? It’s over at 920-341-3065. And please pay a visit to Joe Bethancourt, to thank him for his kind musical support these last two shows!

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Episode 29 – All’s Wells that Ends Welles

In honor of Darkly Lit’s 1-year anniversary, and my cold, I present you with the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast by the Mercury Theatre on the Air! Presented with the gracious assistance of the Halloween Haunter, from halloweenhaunt.wordpress.com

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Episode 28 – Dem Bones

Robert E. Howard is best known for creating Conan and the stories of Hyperborea. But while Howard loved barbarians and warriors of the past, he also created such classics as Faring Town – and Solomon Kane, the hero of tonight’s tale of terror. His untimely death in 1936 cut short what could have been an amazing career, and who knows what might have come afterwards. But tonight, settle in to enjoy both one of Howards’ poems, and the Rattle of Bones.

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