Episode 52 – Ghost Story for Christmas

Good evening everybody, and welcome to Episode 52 of the Darkly Lit Podcast! I know we’re running a little bit late this week, but that’s all the more reason to get down to business, n’est-ce pas? Tonight’s story is M.R. James’ “Two Doctors,” a story of queer revenge. Tonight’s music is provided by Nox Arcana, at www.noxarcana.com, and the HPLHS, at www.cthulhu-lives.org!

Special congratulations go out to Joe Hallett, whose story “Alone” took home our grand prize package for the Darkly Lit Story contest! Your package should be arriving within the next week or two, depending on the vaguaries of the US Postal Service. Our next show will be coming out on December 23rd, and feature a Christmas ghost story by somebody other than M.R. James! After all, if I’m going to prove that this was a widespread tradition, there has to be more than one author out there who did it, right?

But, if you can’t wait that long, there’s one other place where you can hear your friendly neighborhood Wolfemann this month. I co-hosted Episode 19 of Creepy Kitch with Stacy and Cins, discussing the first two Paranormal Activity films with them. You can find their show on iTunes, or at their blog, by searching for Creepy Kitch – and that’s K-I-T-C-H, as in witch. Their show is a *smidge* more uncouth than this one, so be prepared for some instances of adult language and such if you do go over to listen.

If anybody would like to write in with their Christmas wishes, or feedback for the show, please contact us at darklylit.wordpress.com, lit.darkly@yahoo.com, or through our voicemail at 920-341-3065. Until next time, I bring you M.R. James’ “Two Doctors,” and wish you… pleasant dreams.

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