Episode 9 – Happy Birthday, Edgar Allan!

It’s a few days after the 201st, and this year, the Poe Toaster didn’t show up. Here’s hoping it was a choice he made, rather than illness, accident, or death.

But this won’t stop me from having my own celebration – tonight, we read The Raven, and Masque of the Red Death. Enjoy – you can find the episode through the link below.


As always, music provided by Nox Arcana.


Episode 8 – the 201st

It’s the 201st birthday of Edgar Allan Poe on January 19, 2010.  In honor of this event, we have a reading of Poe’s Lenore and Cask of Amontillado, and discussion of same – including why an insult might be worth walling a man up alive.

You can find the episode here!

As always, musical accompaniment is provided by Nox Arcana – this time from their album <em>Shadow of the Raven</em>.