Episode 2: The Tell-Tale Heart

Tonight’s tale of madness and obsession, the Tell-Tale Heart.  Next week, we’ll be discussing the story – please send your thoughts to lit.darkly@yahoo.com, or include them in a comment here.

The episode can be found, as always, through iTunes or the following link.


Music tonight is “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Nox Arcana, from their album Shadow of the Raven.


Episode 1: Lighting a dark candle

This is it, everybody – Darkly Lit is now live. Episode 1 has been published, and you can get it at Podbean, as usual.


I would like to take a moment to offer special thanks to the folks at Nox Arcana, who gave me permission to use their music in the podcast. They’re very cool guys with some excellent gothic music, and you should go check them out at the first opportunity – you won’t regret it. I particularly love Blood of Angels, an album they did as a collaboration with Michelle Belanger.

This week, I used Cries in the Night, from Carnival of Lost Souls, and The Legacy from Blackthorn Asylum.

The discussion this week focused on what Darkly Lit is going to be all about – readings and discussions of the dark literature of the past. It’s a somewhat shorter episode than I think we’ll have in the future, and you’ll probably notice a certain lack of polish, but there’s a reason for it (hint – it’s got to do with this being the first episode.) I ended with a reading of Poe’s “The Conqueror Worm.”

Please tune in next week for my reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” For those of you who’d like to read along, I am reading from Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. You can get it from Amazon at that link (and send a few cents my way – it’s an incredible volume, and available pretty cheaply), or you can usually pick it up at Barnes & Nobles, who publish it under the same public domain rules I’m taking advantage of.

Coming soon….

The Darkly Lit podcast will be coming soon.  Keep your eyes and ears ready – on October 24th, the first episode will live.

Will you?

Darkly Lit is largely meant for entertainment purposes, but also exists to spread awareness and appreciation of the fiction of an older era.  This podcast is dedicated to readings and discussion of dark literature, with a focus on public domain works such as those of Poe, Doyle, Lovecraft, Shelley, Wells, and Beddoes.  Each week, we will either discuss what came before, or have an entirely new unabridged reading of a classic work of horror, mystery, and the macabre.  Readings and discussion should be suitable for use in most classrooms, or for home schooling; if you want to find a way to get the kids to crack open a book when they balk at Salinger or Melville, you might find that it’s a little easier to get them to read through a short story or three by Poe.

You can find our promo audio below.  We will soon be available for subscription through iTunes.